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Up-stand! Up-stand! Up-stand! Up-stand! Up-stand! Up-stand! Up-stand!

Up-stand! Details

Do you want to be able to switch between working sitting and standing up? With Table-up any desk can be transformed into a standing desk, giving you the opportunity to work standing up anywhere you want!

Everyone has read the news articles about the health issues related to bad postures. The research articles the media base their output on, state that an active combination of working sitting and standing, improves our posture and blood circulation.

Unfortunately a typical standing desk runs quite expensive and therefore is only a solution to permanent users. With Table-up, everyone can enjoy the benefits of a standing desk anywhere they are. This easy to use (and carry) model is made from high quality materials.

Always a standing desk within arm’s length

We are working more and more at different places throughout the world. According to a recent research on the modern workforce we work, on average, more than one day a week at home. If you are one of the people that tries everything to make the workplace at the office and home as comfortable as possible, a portable ‘standing desk’ is a necessity.

With Table-up, you ensure yourself of a standing desk wherever you are. If you or any of your colleagues feel like working standing up, Table-up will transform your desk to a standing desk within seconds.

This is how Table-up is going to make your workplace more fun (and comfortable)

It has not been without reason that you’ve seen the Table-up more often than usual. This alternative to a full-sized standing desk has proven to be the most affordable solution for working standing up.

With its spacious surface you have plenty of space to work on (26 x 18,5 inch). Heighten your desk up to 16 inch by pulling the handle on the right side. Adjust it from anywhere between 1.6 and 16 inch to find your perfect height.

Finished working on the Table-up standing desk addition? Just push the handle, fold the Table-desk and store it wherever you want. Table-up takes up very little space cause of its slim design.

Why you should buy the Up-Stand!

  • Transforms every desk into a standing desk
  • Adjustable to a height of 16 inch
  • Offers plenty of workspace with its 26 x 18,5 inch surface
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Slim design, lightweight materials

Up-stand! More Information

More Information
EAN 8720053384194
Dimensions (WxDxH) 47 X 66 X 40
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