Frequently asked Questions

   1. Ordering Process

1.1 How do I place an order?
You can easily place an or at Choose the product that you like, (the material, leather,skai, mesh or plastic), choose the color you prefer and add the product to your shopping cart. After this part you can either choose to continue shopping or to finalize your order. Once you choose to finalize your order you need to fill in your shipping and billing details, after this page you are able to choose a payment method of your liking. After this process is complete we will process your order and ship it out.
1.2 Can I place an order by phone?
Yes this is possible. Just give us a call on +49 (0)3021782120 and have all your details ready.
1.3 Where can I view reviews by previous customers of
If you are curious about how previous customers experienced our services, you can take a look at our Trustpilot page. There you can also place your own review after you’ve experienced our services. Another way to see some customer opinions and reviews is to visit our Facebook page.
1.4 At what times can I contact you by telephone?
If you have any questions or encounter any problems while ordering from or while you are enjoying your ordered product at home, you are more than welcome to give our customer support a call. The customer support is available on business days from 09:00 AM till 06:00 PM and from 09:00 AM till 06:00 PM on Saturdays at +49 (0)3021782120.
1.5 How can I activate my coupon code?
Are you in possession of a coupon code and would like to use it? On the last page of check out, you can insert your coupon code on the right hand side of the page. You’ll see a box with “coupon code” above it. Just type in your coupon code and hit “apply coupon” when you’re done.
1.6 I can’t see my shipping costs, where do I find these? charges no shipping fee for orders over €400,-. If your order does not reach this amount, the shipping costs will vary depending on the amount of products you ordered and where you live. At the last part of check out, you will see your total shipping costs. The shipping costs vary from €4,95 to €24.95. For orders shipped to Norway there is an additional €75 added because of import costs and handling of all other administrative work.
1.7 Can I specify a certain shipping address other than my own?
If you wish to have your order delivered at another address than your own, just uncheck the box “Ship to the same address” at check out and fill in the information needed.
1.8 Do I need to create an account before ordering?
At there is no need to create an account to order a product. After you’ve placed an order, an account will automatically be made for you. The account information will be send to you by e-mail. This way you can just log in next time you decide to visit our web shop so all your personal information is automatically filled in for you.
1.9 My order status is on “processing”, what does this mean?
The order status “processing” means your payment has been received and is being processed. At this point your ordered products will be transferred to our warehouse from where they will be shipped to you. When your ordered products leave the warehouse the order status will change.
1.10What are the different order statuses?
The statuses which are assigned to orders are:
  • - Pending: Here the order is placed, but no payment has been received
  • - Processing: Processing of the payment and order (see 1.7)
  • - Complete: The order has been shipped to you from our warehouse
1.11 From which countries can I place an order?
At you can place orders from almost every country in the world. We ship to most countries within the EU. For orders outside of The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Luxemburg, United Kingdom, an additional fee will be applied. Unfortunately we do not ship to Switzerland, because of the law in Switzerland. For more information about these extra costs and any other information you can contact our customer support at +49 (0)3021782120 or [email protected]
1.12 I just ordered, but I want to make a modification. Is this possible?
Do you wish to make a modification or other changes to an order you just placed? No problem! When the order has not been sent yet, you can contact our customer support by calling us or sending an e-mail to [email protected] We will help you with making the changes to your placed order.
1.13 Is it possible to cancel my placed order?
Did you change your mind and decided you want to cancel an order you already placed? No problem! Just give our customer support a call and we will sort everything out. You can contact the customer support by calling +49 (0)3021782120 or by mailing to [email protected]

   2. Products

2.1 What is the difference between aniline leather and bovine leather?
Aniline leather is a softer and more valuable than normal leather, because it gets treated for a very long time. Aniline leather also has different folds and has been treated in another paint bath than normal leather. The making of aniline leather starts by only selecting the best possible cowhides. Only 10% of all cowhides are eligible to be made into aniline leather. Therefor aniline leather is extremely valuable and is considered a true luxury material.
2.2 Where can I find specifications about the products?
Do you wish to gather some information about the width, height and depth of a certain chair? Just take a look below the product photos on the web shop. There you will find different tabs that will almost always answer your questions about the product. If you still have any questions you can contact our customer support at +49 (0)3021782120.
2.3 What exactly is artificial leather, and what is the difference with real leather?
Artificial leather is a material that is very similar to real leather in touch and sight. Artificial leather is made of textile with a plastic overlay. In this overlay a leather pattern is imprinted, so the difference between the look to real leather is hardly noticeable. The biggest difference is that artificial leather does not wear as fast as real leather does. Most people like the way leather lives and changes overtime. This will not be the case for a chair made out of artificial leather.
2.4 How should I clean my leather chair?
You want to enjoy your leather chair as long as possible. To make the chair last as long as possible it is necessary to clean your chair every once in a while. By using a moist cloth just gently wipe of any dirt or dust that has collected in the crevices of the chair. You could also use a leather cleaning spray to really get all of the dirt of the leather, but be careful. Some leather sprays have a corrosive effect on leather. For stains that can't be removed by water of a leather spray you can use some alcohol on a swab. Be sure to remove any alcohol residue with a moist and a dry cloth.
2.5 How should I maintain the condition of my leather chair?
Leather has the tendency to dry out over time. When this happens little cracks can start appearing in the surface of the leather, which can really turn into big tears. Your chair will also lose a lot of its original color. By using a professional leather wax you can hydrate the leather so it will stay soft and can take a bit beat of a beating without damaging.
2.6 Do I need to assemble the chairs myself?
Most of our chairs need some assembling when you receive them. But no worries. It’s very easy to do and it won’t take a lot of time. Every chair comes with a simple instruction. With this you can assemble your chair within minutes. The reason we don’t ship the chairs fully assembled is because they would take up a lot more space if they were and are more likely the get damaged.
2.7 Did you make all products photos yourself?
At we want to show you our products the way they actually look. That’s why we make every photo that is shown on our site our self. This way you won’t be disappointed about a chair not looking the same in your living room as it is shown on the webshop.

   3. Payment

3.1 What are the payment methods available offers a variety of payment methods so there is a save and familiar way to make a payment for every customer. The payment methods available are:
  • - IDEAL (Netherlands)
  • - MisterCash (Belgium)
  • - Creditcard (VISA and Mastercard)
  • - GiroPay (Germany and Belgium)
  • - Post payment €4,95 (Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Austria)
  • - Cash on delivery (Netherlands,Belgium,Luxembourg)
  • - Bank Transfer
  • - After delivery (Only in Germany and the Netherlands)
3.2 Is there a post-pay payment option available?
At there are two possibilities to post-pay. One of them is our post-pay service. you will receive your desired product and have to pay for it within a period of 14 days. This option is only available for residents in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Austria. For this payment option we charge €4,95 administration fee's. Another way to post-pay is the payment option “cash on delivery”. This option is only available for residents in The Netherlands. With this payment option you can pay for the order when it is delivered to your door.
3.3 Will my payment be save? Do I have any guarantees?
At your payment is always safe and your details are never shared with 3rd parties. We use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection once you fill in any details or ordering from our store. You can double check by looking in to your URL once you are in the payment process and you will see that there is mentioned HTTPS in green. If this is available that means that your details are 100% safe.

   4. Sending

4.1 What is the shipping time for my order?
At we try to get your product to you as soon as possible. If you place an order prior to 04:00 PM, the order will be processed on the same day. Take in consideration that some payment methods take longer to process and the delivery time can diver from country to country. To see all the delivery times take a look at the sending and returning page. We are also dependent of our delivering companies. For that reason some delivery times can be longer or shorter, but unfortunately this is out of our hands. Here are some examples of process time for your delivery:
Germany (1- 2 business days)
France (2-3 business days)
Netherlands (1 business day)
United Kingdom (1 business day)
Denmark (2-3 business days)
Italy (2-3 business days)
Sweden (2-3 business days)
Austria (2-3 business days)
Belgium (1 business day)
4.2 What are the shipping costs for my order? charges no shipping fee for orders over €400,-. If your order does not reach this amount, the shipping costs will vary depending on the amount of products you ordered and the total price of these products. At the last past of check out, you will see your total shipping costs. The shipping costs vary from €4,95 to €24.95. For orders shipped to Norway there is an additional €75 added because of the import costs.

   5. Returning

5.1 My product has been damaged, what should I do?
When your product has been damaged we would like to ask you to contact our customer support as soon as possible. That way we can quickly resolve the problem. You can contact customer support by calling +49 (0)3021782120 or by mailing to [email protected] When sending an e-mail, make sure to include some pictures that show the damage done to the chairs.
5.2 How can I return a product?
Are you not satisfied with the delivered product or do you have another inquiry? You can easily make a return to us by going in to your account and selecting the products you would like to return. You will get an e-mail from us with all the details you need to ship your order or a part of your order back.