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Haven’t you found the perfect dining chair yet? Would you like to dine in style, with great comfort? Experience comfort and style in a unique way with the Eames DSR (Dining Sidechair Rod base). This dining chair was designed more than 70 years ago but is still found everywhere in the world of interior design.

The thing making this chair so special is its minimalist look that is everything but boring thanks to its playful shapes. Its polypoprylene seat, which is UV-resistant, ideally suits the chromed base that resembles the Eiffel Tower. This is why the chair is also called Eames Eiffel Chair. In fact, the base’s famous construction was inspired by the equally famous work of art in Paris.

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eames chair dsr model


The Eames DSR is the epitomy of functionality and aesthethics. The designers of the chair, Charles and Ray Eames, designed the chair for the Low-Cost Furniture Competition, which was organised by the Museum of Modern Art New York in 1948. The aim of this competition was to design a series of furniture that would be functional, affordable and beautiful. The Eames duo succeeded in achieving that aim: they were the first ever to design furniture using industrially produced plastic. Especially the steel structure of the Eames DSR was very popular because of its sleek lines that add an elegant touch to any interior. Another ingenious aspect of the Eames Plastic Chairs collection is the fact that the seats are seperable from the base, which makes transport of the chairs very efficient. Likewise, this way you’re able to change seat colours, seat designs, base designs and base colours anytime you like.

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Are you looking for a timeless dining chair? Our Eames DSR is an icon in the world of interior design. Elegant and functional are the key elements of this chair. Thanks to the fact that the chair can be purchased in a wide range of colours, the chair can be situated in any interior. People with a minimalist taste may prefer a white, black or red Eames DSR, while others like to take a more daring road by choosing for a range of different colours. The minimalist design of the chair makes it ideal for mixing and matching with other chairs. The fact that the Eames DSR doesn’t have any armrests, makes it easy to put the chair to put around any dining table. Moreover, looking at the style and materials this innovative dining chair can be placed behind any table: an oakwooden table, teak dining table or a glass dining table? Modern, classic, rustic, or vintage? Anything suits the Eames DSR! Not only does the chair cross the borders of many styles in interior design, it also does in exterior design. Thanks to the weather resistant materials, the chair may easily be used as an outdoor chair.

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The Eames DSR is our absolute bestseller. Research shows that our customers are 100% satisfied with the chair’s quality. We are very happy to hear that, and we are even happier that customers show us their Eames DSR by sending us pictures of their interior. Take a peek in our photo gallery to see how our creative customers have situated the Eames DSR in their interior. How would you position the Eames DSR in your home?


This timeless chair can be found in basically any interior, from shabby chic to minimalist and Scandinavian. The proof: our customers. In the photo gallery you can see how previous Eames DSR buyers let the Eames DSR shine in all its glory in a wide range of interior styles.


Would you like to own a chair that you can endlessly vary with? The Eames DSR is available in a wide range of colours with regard to the seat, but also its base can be purchased in two colours: shiny chromed or matte black. To summarise: there are plenty of options to create the chair suits you best.

The chair can be customised even more with our collection Eames Seat Cushions. With these cushions you are able to add an extra touch of colour to your Eames DSR. Furthermore, the seat cushions are also very warm and comfy for winter and they prevent scratches on the DSR’s seat.

Eames DSR / Matte:

eames chair dsr white  eames chair dsr black  eames chair dsr blue  eames chair dsr red  eames chair dsr olive green  eames chair dsr green  eames chair dsr yellow  eames chair dsr brown 

Eames DSR / Bases:

eames chair dsr white black  eames chair dsr white transparant 
eames chair dsr cushion


The fact the Eames DSR is a special chair doesn’t need any further explanation. Only by the sight of it one can notice that he chair is a showpiece in itself. To outline what this chair has in store, we sum up a few facts for you:

  • eames chair dsr vink Originally designed in 1949
  • eames chair dsr vink UV-resistant seat that doesn’t discolour
  • eames chair dsr vink Tested up to 110 KG
  • eames chair dsr vink Available in many variations
  • eames chair dsr vink Also suitable as outdoor chair

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