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What kind of thoughts come to mind when thinking of a royal chair? A lot of gold and fuss? The Barcelona Chair gets rid of that cliché and shows what a true throne looks like. The chair was designed in 1929 as a resting seat for the Spanish King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Euginie. Be a king yourself by taking seat on this minimalist masterpiece.

The chair is characterised by an x-shaped frame, made of chromed stainless steel. Its elegantly designed frame has two leather cushions that provide the comfort a king deserves.

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An armchair that holds the world in his grasp after 80 years of the original design... That in itself is a unique characterisation. How come we’re still fascinated by a chair, after all these years? That is thanks to the pioneering minimalist ideal that this chair contains. The chair was designed for the King of Spain, and was at that time - and still is - located at the German Pavilion in Barcelona. Hence the name Barcelona Chair. The minimalist seat shines in all its glory in this setting is just as minimalist as the chair.

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What does the minimalist ideal stand for? And how can one see that the chair was designed under the guise of minimalism? When the Barcelona Chair was designed in 1929, modernism began to flourish as the most important art movement of the 1930s. It was like a counter-movement against the ornaments of baroque and rococo, because modernism stood for the opposite ideals: minimalism and purism. A wide range of art movements were born at that time, for instance Bauhaus.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, designer of the timeless Barcelona Chair, also stood for minimalist ideals and manifested these ideals in his works. Like no other, the Barcelona Chair radiates these values due to its simple, flowing lines that give off a peaceful vibe. Something that wasn’t very regular for modernist designers, was designing for wealthy powers such as kings. Modernists usually sticked to designing for the common man, yet, Van der Rohe took a different road by designing for the king of Spain. Maybe his secret message was that everyone’s a common man, which makes everyone king as well. Discover many available colours >>

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Our customers feel like a king in our Barcelona Chair and that’s exactly the goal we wanted to achieve: the customer is king! We can see their satisfaction by looking at the pictures of their interior with the Barcelona Chair included. Let our creative customers inspire you by taking a look at the photo gallery.


Thanks to its open design the Barcelona Chair takes little space optically and easily blends with the rest of your interior. These qualities can’t be missed by those who’d love to buy a timeless lounge chair. No matter what style of interior you’re aiming for, the Barcelona Chair will always be an ideal complement to your home.


We’d love to honour the Barcelona Chair by offering it in different types of colours and materials. This way, the cradle of minimalism will be available for all types of interiors. Our Barcelona Chair is available with cushions that are upholstered with high-quality bovine leather (black, white, brown, red, or cognac) filled with top-quality foam. Its frame is made of chromed stainless steel, which reflects the rest of the interior with its chromed shine. We also sell a limited edition Barcelona Chair that has a black frame. This base is dyed with powder-coated MDR, which results in a matte, scratch-free look.

The chair is a premium product itself, but because we like to go the extra mile, we also offer a premium edition. This is an exact replica of the orginal, which can be noticed by looking at the shape of the cushions: its cushions are shaped exactly like the original. Same goes for the chrome-plated stainless steel frame that corresponds with the original to the milimeter (12 mm). The aniline leather padded cushions provide extra elegance to the frame as they are designed following its lines.

Barcelona Chair / Regular:

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Barcelona Chair / Premium:

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Barcelona Chair / Cowhide:

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Barcelona Chair / Black Base:

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The fact that the Barcelona Chair deserves a huge homage is evident from the story above. However, a pictures says more than a thousand words, which also goes for the unique looks of the Barcelona Chair. To remind you of all the wonderful characteristics the chair has to offer, we hereby summarise some of its most special facts:

  • barcelona chair replica vink Originally designed in 1929 for the King of Spain
  • barcelona chair replica vink Also available in a premium edition
  • barcelona chair replica vink Available with a black frame
  • barcelona chair replica vink Known from tv
  • barcelona chair replica vink One of the most infuential designs in the world’s history

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