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POP chair DSR shiny white

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POP chair DSR shiny white
POP chair DSR shiny white POP chair DSR shiny white POP chair DSR shiny white


Eames DSR shiny white

Are you looking for a chair that literally fits any interior? Do you love simplicity when it comes to your interior? Then the Eames DSW chair was made for you! The Eames DSR Chair is a lovely chair that was originally designed in the 1940’s at the Low Cost Design Furniture competition for the Museum of Modern Art New York. The chair won a second place in the competion, but also won an everylasting fame in the world of interior design. Even nowadays, the chair is to be found anywhere thanks to its simple design with a joyful touch thanks to its maple wooden base. The chair is made of high quality Polypropylene: a strong type of synthetic that is UV-restitant. Think plastic is uncomfortable? This chair proves the contrary! The seat offers perfect back support for a long dinner and also saves space by its slim design.

Shiny white Eames DSW in setting

Love simplism with an extra touch of glamour? Then the Eames DSR shiny white was made for you. The shiny edition of the white Eames DSR has a special coating, which makes the classy Eames DSR look extra sleek. The nice thing about this white Eames DSR chair is that it suits any interior thanks to its neutrality. The Eames DSR white can for instance add a finishing touch to a purist black-and-white interior. However, the shiny white Eames DSR also makes a perfect match with more colourful furniture. The Eames DSR yellow for instance, is a perfect addition to an interior that thrives to be bright. All in all, the Eames DSR shiny white is a versatile piece of furniture that fits into every spot of your interior.

Flere oplysninger

Flere oplysninger
Materialer Polypropylen, Edelstahl
Mål (BxDxH) 83,5 x 46 x 40 cm
Sædehøjde 44 cm
Leveringstid På lager, levering inden for 2-3 dage


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